Enhancement of the capacity of forest services to adapt forest management to climate change

B1. Guidelines for the adaptation of forest management to climate change

This action involves the drafting and publication of guidelines in order to contribute to the adaptation of forest management practices in Greek and other Mediterranean forests to climate change. Specifically, the guidelines target forest managers, professionals involved in forest management planning and students of relative University departments with the aim to acquaint them with topics such as impacts on forests by climate change, possible management approaches for adaptation to climate change, approaches, methods and tools for monitoring and assessment of the forest management. Finally, the guidelines include case studies of the four (4) study areas of the project.

Β2. Training of forest managers

This action aims at the enhancement of the capacity of forest services for the detection and management of climate change impacts on the forests they manage. In the above mentioned framework, a training seminar is conducted, addressed to the personnel of the General Directorate for the Development and Protection of Forests and Natural Environment – Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and the regional forest services, notably the foresters that are pertinent for management planning and forest monitoring. The seminar comes following the development of proposals for adaptation measures (action A4) and the drafting of guidelines for the adaptation of Greek forest management to climate change (action B1), so that the participants are informed about the whole of the project’s results.