Aspropotamos – Kalampaka Forest

The area is located on central Pindos, north-northwest of Kalampaka. It is covered by mixed forest of deciduous broadleaved species such as Chestnut (Castanea sativa), Turkey oak (Quercus cerris), Fir (Abies borissi regis) and Black pine (Pinus nigra). During the last decades, the intrusion of pioneer conifer species to surfaces where broadleaved species normally prevail, has been observed. Specifically, in the Chestnut forest of Kastania Municipal forest, intrusion of Fir and Black pine has been observed. In addition, in the broadleaved oak forest of Kastania State forest, phenomena of Fir intrusion have taken place, while in the Turkey oak forest of Aspropotamos intrusion of Fir has been observed. Aspropotamos-Kalampaka area is administered by the Forest Service of Kalampaka.